Thursday, April 27, 2006

Camp Coverage

Local Storm coverage has been great this week. With the Sonics out of the playoffs we have seen a number of articles from all of the "big three."

Seattle Times
Jayda Evans, always a leader in Storm coverage, has offered stories every day this week except Monday and Thursday. There was the Izi signing on Saturday, Donovan's search for glitter on Sunday, LJ's injury and the backup PG search on Tuesday and the defensive focus article on Wednesday.

Seattle PI
The PI picked up on Tuesday with an article on the start of camp, Wednesday following Jayda with a discussion of the backup point situation, and rounding out today with pieces on LJ's injuries and Barbara Turner's success in camp.

Tacoma Tribune
My big complaint with the Trib is a the lack of a link on the Sports front page to Storm articles, they are the only one of the three without one. If you go to the Sonics link and then manually change the word sonics in the url to storm, then you can get there. Tuesday they covered Betty Lennox and Wednesday they covered Tanisha Wright.

Outside the locals, continues to provide solid coverage of the WNBA, particularly in cities where they have writers available to cover the teams. They have asked for writers in cities not yet covered to apply in posts to all the major WNBA forums. provides coverage by merging NCAA women's coverage and WNBA coverage into a single section, but they have no Storm articles yet this season.

Kevin Pelton provides you the most information at the main Storm site, and David Locke will cover the Storm at his blog on occasion.

I am thrilled to read articles from three writers, Mr. Pelton, Jayda Evans and Mark Bergin, extolling the virtues of 1st round draft pick Barbara Turner on display in camp this week. She is showing the sought after post presence at the three and hitting open shots from long range which may create competition for that starting spot at some point this season. The future is looking bright for the Storm.

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