Tuesday, April 18, 2006

LJ Interview

The Storm site has a transcript of an interview session with Lauren Jackson after the announcement of her contract signing. She reveals that it is a three year contract and that as 2008 approaches she will have to sit down with the Storm to discuss a break in the season for Opal preparation and the Olympics. Considering USA basketball does not want the US players to only meet for a week before facing the rest of the world, a large portion of the W with all international players and the best of the US players will be needing time off. The WNBA will likely have to decide what to do that year around the Olympics.

OK, not as if the Storm would ever trade her, but what team takes her now that she said she might not return if she were traded? LJ becomes a master politician as she continues to dominate the basketball world.

LJ declares her three point shot is back, too bad she decided to share that news with Coach Donovan by using it to beat Team USA at the Opals games this summer. LJ shot the long ball fairly poorly last season. She took ten less shots, but shot a sad 29% compared to her blistering 45% in 2004. Despite her poor outside shooting LJ was still dominant and led the league again in efficiency rating and likely SHOULD have won her second MVP award last season. If her 3 ball starts falling again the rest of the league will be in a lot of trouble.

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