Tuesday, March 28, 2006

PG Draft Prospects

Since I don't really know the college game, and I trust the basketball smarts of Kevin Pelton, I will just go with his prospects and drop their numbers on the table...by the way, I finally found the problem with my Stop% formula...I was using Defensive Scoring Possessions in the calculation when I should have been using Defensive Possessions, and that made the Stop% MUCH higher than it should have been and the Defensive Rating lower than it should have been.

Cappie Poindexter
Floor %: 54%
Stop %: 63%
Off. Rtg.: 119.04
Def. Rtg.: 76.62

Nikki Blue
Floor %: 44%
Stop %: 60%
Off. Rtg: 95.42
Def Rtg: 90.73

Megan Duffy
Floor %: 49%
Stop %: 60%
Off Rtg: 113.10
Def Rtg: 91.30

Erin Grant
Floor %: 48%
Stop %: 50%
Off. Rtg.: 106.48
Def. Rtg: 92.12

Alexis Kendrick
Floor %: 47%
Stop %: 64%
Off. Rtg.: 103.58
Def Rtg.: 84.76

Melanie Boeglin
Floor %: 55%
Stop %: 80%
Off. Rtg.: 115.42
Def. Rtg.: 80.72

Just for comparison...
FA Signing outside the draft

Tocarra Williams
Floor %: 40%
Stop %: 64%
Off. Rtg: 81.69
Def. Rtg: 97.08

Cappie is clearly the best PG available. Offensively and defensively she offers up great numbers and she has the best differential between all the players available. I know that Melanie Boeglin played in a less prestigious conference, but I still love her numbers, and she could be a steal in the draft. She is clearly the best defender. I don't care what conference she plays in, an 80% stop percentage is SUPERIOR defense.

Tournament Play

I watched Tennessee fall to North Carolina tonight. I realize that NC played great defense, but frankly, the Vols choked. They barely ever posted up Parker and that killed them. They fell apart under pressure and have some growing to do for next year.

I thought Geno and the Huskies were going to pull it out tonight, but Duke proved that they are a better team. The final four looks to be a hot finish to the tournament.

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