Monday, December 07, 2009

Working the Numbers

I didn't have a chance to catch any games yesterday, though my DVR captured three of them for me.

Instead, I had the privilege of attending a coaching workshop through the Ballard Boys & Girls Club run by the Seattle Storm and led by head coach Brian Agler.

It was a real pleasure to experience first hand what I heard throughout last season with regards to Coach Agler's skills as a teacher. As likely the least experienced attendee, I learned quite a bit, though most of it won't help my Kindergarten/1st Graders. I did decide to keep coaching and will be picking up either a third grade boys or girls team next week.

I am crunching numbers for last week and should have a post up on Tuesday with the current state of my senior watch.

The Storm have their practice facility for the next five years having inked a deal with SPU.

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