Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Senior Watch Weeks 5-6

Ashley Houts Georgia #1 last week
Kelsey Luna Indiana State # 2 last week
Taylor Lilly Oregon #3 last week
Quenese Davis San Diego State NR last week
Jordann Plummer Drake #4 last week

MIA: Courtnay Pilypaitis (Vermont)

Kalana Greene Connecticut #1 last week
Alison Lacey Iowa State #4 last week
Ashley Barlow Notre Dame #5 last week
May Kotsopoulos Vermont #2 last week
Brittainey Raven Texas #3 last week

MIA: They all stick

Alysha Clark Middle Tennessee #1 last week
Danielle McCray Kansas #3 last week
Shanara Hollinquest Chattanooga #4 last week
Nyeshia Stevenson Oklahoma NR last week
Heather Bowman Gonzaga NR last week

MIA: Lacey Simpson (Illinois), Monica Wright (Virginia)

Kelsey Griffin Nebraska #1 last week
Jenna Smith Illinois #2 last week
Jacinta Monroe Florida State #3 last week
Dana Mitchell St. Bonaventure NR last week
Erica Beverly Hartford #4 last week

MIA: Siarre Evans (East Tennessee State)

Tina Charles Connecticut #1 last week
Jayne Appel Stanford #2 last week
Keke Carrier Auburn #3 last week
Alyssa DeHaan Michigan State #4 last week
Angel Robinson Georgia #5 last week

MIA: They all stick, but I am only tracking 5 of them...Monroe falls at #4 here if I were ranking her at center.


pt said...

Looks like Georgia has not one, but two game makers. No wonder they're a top ten team.

Patrick said...

I haven't had a chance to watch Georgia yet this season. I am looking forward to it.

Q McCall said...

Hey - I took a trip down to Eugene to catch Oregon this weekend...

I'm not sure if Lilley actually plays the "point guard" position in the traditional sense -- at least against Washington, she spent the majority of her time off the ball. Jackson and Cocks did most of the ball handling and running the offense.