Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NCAA Senior Watch Week 4


Ashley HoutsGeorgia#2 last week
Kelsey LunaIndiana State#3 last week
Taylor LillyOregon#5 last week
Jordann PlummerDrake#4 last week
Courtney PilypaitasVermont#1 last week

I had to pull JJ Hones from the list after it sunk in that the 4th year student red shirted last season and has one more year of eligibility remaining.

MIA: They all stick.


Kalana GreeneConnecticut#1 last week
May KotsopoulosVermont#2 last week
Brittainey RavenTexas#4 last week
Alison LaceyIowa StateNR last week
Ashley BarlowNotre Dame#3 last week

MIA: Brittany (Ray Rutgers)
Ray drops out as Raven and Lacey pull ahead.


Alysha ClarkMiddle Tennessee State#1 last week
Lacey SimpsonIllinois#2 last week
Danielle McCrayKansas#3 last week
Shanara HollinquestChattanooga#4 last week
Monica WrightVirginia#5 last week

No movement in the list, but Kalana Greene would have slipped to number three this week behind Simpson were I tracking her at the forward slot.

MIA: They all stick.


Kelsey GriffinNebraska#2 last week
Jenna SmithIllinois#1 last week
Jacinta MonroeFlorida State#3 last week
Erica BeverlyHartford#5 last week
Siarre EvansEast Tennessee StateNR last week

The top players swap spots. After watching Smith play this week I considered moving her to Center, but decided to keep watching her here as a likely Power Forward consideration in the WNBA. Sweat continues her inconsistent play and drops from the list this week.

MIA: Ashley Sweat(Kansas State)


Tina CharlesConnecticut#1 last week
Jayne AppelStanford#3 last week
Keke CarrierAuburn#4 last week
Alyssa DeHaanMichigan StateNR last week
Angel RobinsonGeorgiaNR last week

I took Amber Harris off the list as an astute reader pointed out she is a red shirt Junior this season. Jenna Smith qualified as #2 on this list as well, while Jacinta Monroe would have been #4.

MIA: Harris' exit leaves me with only 5 senior centers to track. I may have to consider moving either Monroe or Smith over to this position.


André said...

You seem to have left off at least a couple of players, namely Nneka Ogwumike, power forward, and Kayla Petersen, "small" forward (she's 6'4") at Stanford. These two are each averaging nearly 20 points and 9 rebounds a game at the #2 team in the country (#1A according to Coach Doug Bruno of dePaul).

Patrick said...

Pederson is a junior, I will be tracking her next year, while Ogwumike is a sophomore who I will be tracking in two years. Believe me, my eyes are on that stocked Stanford team this year.

Patrick said...

I shouldn't be tracking Hones either since she is technically a junior after redshirting. I will have to remedy that.