Wednesday, December 09, 2009

NCAA Seniors Week 3

I mucked with my formulas this week to better differentiate the values for posts vs. perimeter players.

Houts and Lilly return, and I move Pilypaitis over from shooting guard to take over my top spot at the point. The Vermont backcourt is confusing to me, and I have not seen them play. Pilypaitis is taller than Kotsopoulos, but she appears to be the primary playmaker.

Courtnay Pilypaitis Vermont (NR last week)
Ashley Houts Georgia (NR last week)
Kelsey Luna Indiana State (#1 last week)
Jordann Plummer Drake (#4 last week)
Taylor Lilly Oregon (NR last week)

MIA: Andrea Riley (Oklahoma State), Jareica Hughes (UTEP), Mickel Picco (Boston College)

Moving Pilypaitis to point lets Green take the top spot, and the newly tracked Kotsopoulos fills in the # 2.

Kalana Green Connecticut (#2 last week)
May Kotsopoulos Vermont (NR last week)
Ashley Barlow Notre Dame (#5 last week)
Brittainey Raven Texas (#4 last week)
Brittany Ray Rutgers (NR last week)

MIA: Lele Hardy (Clemson)

I am tracking Green at shooting guard, but she would be #2 on the SF list as well. Wright falls back and Simpson continues to climb.

Alysha Clark Middle Tennesee (#1 last week)
Lacey Simpson Illinois (#5 last week)
Danielle McCray Kansas (#3 last week)
Shanara Hollinquest Chattanooga (#4 last week)
Monica Wright Virginia (#2 last week)

MIA: They all stick.

I move Jacinta Monroe to PF from C after watching her play this week. Florida State plays her mostly at PF and she ranks higher in that list this week.

Jenna Smith Illinois (#2 last week)
Kelsey Griffin Nebraska (#3 last week)
Jacinta Monroe Florida State (NR last week)
Ashley Sweat Kansas State (NR last week)
Erica Beverly Hartford (#2 last week)

MIA: Ashley Ellis-Milan (Minnesota), Gabriela Marginea (Drexel)

I moved Monroe to PF, but she would have been 4th on the C list had I left her. Her move saves DeHaan after a bad week.

Tina Charles Connecticut (#1 last week)
Amber Harris Xavier (#2 last week)
Jayne Appel Stanford (#3 last week)
Keke Carrier Auburn (NR last week)
Alyssa DeHaan Michigan State (#5 last week)

MIA: They all stick.

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