Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Top wing players in the draft

With the hints that Coach Agler is looking at a wing for his 1st round is my current top 10 list from a statistical basis. I have not seen all the wings play yet this season.

Dewanna Bonner 6'4" (Auburn)
Good scorer, key to the success of her team, high BoxScore rating, strong rebounder from the three spot with a good overall rating.

Angel McCoughtry 6'1" (Louisville)
Amazing defender, key to the success of her team, #1 in BoxScore, strong rebounder from the three spot awith a strong overall rating.

Natasha Williams 6'3" (DePaul)
Excellent shooter/scorer, important to the success of her team, reasonable BoxScore playing against top competition leads to high adjusted rating.

Danielle Gant 5'11" (Texas A&M)
Smaller than most of the small forwards, she is a strong scorer with decent impact on her team's success, a strong BoxScore and good adjusted rating.

Megan Warburton 5'11" (Utah)
Decent TS%, important to her team, very high BoxScore rating, and great defensive rebounder from the SG position.

Others: Mandy Morales (Montana), Megan Frazee (Liberty), Laura Kurz (Villanova), Shavonte Zellous (Pittsburg)

Gant and Zellous attend schools the Coach Agler suggested to STHs that we watch the rest of the season.

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Mone't | Visual Story Teller said...

This is awesome! I love to hear the opinions of pother on the game even with no experience! Right on! Your awesome just for taking the time out! I would love your opinion on my new blog providing advice for young future women players!

Thanks a million... Mone't Sykes