Saturday, February 14, 2009

More College Action

I am trying to get caught up with all my recorded games. I just finished Kansas State at Baylor. It was a defensive oriented game where neither team broke 30 in the first half. There were five senior prospects in the game, and a few showed up for this one. Jessica Morrow looked a lot better than the last game I saw her play, showing good footwork and decent shooting. Jhasmin Player reminds me more and more of Betty Lennox. She has been forced out of position to play the point for Baylor and is doing a nice job of things. She had a great and very unselfish assist on a 2 on 1 break where she passed to her trailer even though she was undefended at the basket. That is a decision that endears a PG to her team. Rachel Allison looked completely out of sorts. She appears to be suffering from a confidence issue and even her benching has not quite got her out of her funk. Her hustle is missing and she looks hesitant when she has the ball.

The star for me, again, was Shalee Lehning. I really like the way this woman plays the game. She is heavily scouted in the Big 12 and yet she still gets in the lane on every possession. If her team were hitting their shots they would have blown Baylor out of the game. She rebounds with amazing determination, simply ripping offensive rebounds away from bigger players. She has great floor vision and knows the capabilities of her team. A number of times the Baylor announcers were forced to note the unstoppable nature of Lehning's plays. They would run a play that everyone knew they were going to run and they would score anyway. Baylor was unable to pull away until they switched Morrow out on Lehning and denied everything but the three. If she ever gets that shot in her arsenal she will be a force to be reckoned with. I could see her light up the assist numbers with a shooting team like Phoenix. They could space the floor as she penetrates and get open shots all night long.

On a side note, former University of Houston and international forward, Mone't Sykes has launched a new blog targetted at teaching young girls about the game. Check it out if you are learning the game or have a daughter who has taken up the sport.

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