Monday, February 02, 2009

More College Games

These are the three I got to see today:

Texas @ Oklahoma
What is there to say about the Paris sisters? Courtney is a beast on the low block. She has a nose for the ball and the size/strength to make sure she gets it at both ends of the floor. Excluding the bounce of the ball, if it is within reach, it is Courtney's. I have serious concerns about her ability to translate to the pros with the same impact unless she improves her fitness/athleticism and finds a midrange jumper. WNBA Player Comparison: Ebony Hoffman (hey that is the best I can do, she is an anomaly.) Courtney is #1 on my statistical list as of last week, and she has been there most of the year. Ashley will be a solid WNBA role player. She has more athletcism and fitness, but not the same nose or fire as Courtney. Ashley has been in my top 10 overall most of the year. Both will be first round picks, in my opinion.

Texas Tech @ Colorado University
Dominic Seals has been near the bottom of my Senior list all season. She reminds me of Ashley Robinson. She has this amazing physique. It is a combination of size and length that makes coaches drool. She just doesn't have the talent to put the ball in the basket that is needed. Look at Becky Hammon...her body says anything but basketball player, but she has this thing you can't teach that makes her great on the hardwood. We focus sometimes on physical potential and ignore the simple fact that basketball is more than length, height and jumping ability. There is no arguing the importance of those three things, but there is more to the game than those elements. Seals doesn't make a roster this year, ONLY because of the the 11 player limits. If she goes to Europe and learns a midrange jumpshot she gets a camp invite in 2010.

Rutgers @ Notre Dame
This is my second time seeing Kia Vaughn. Why is it that every game I watch the lady doesn't start. I mean, seriously, Vivian, I am just a simple west coast blogger interested in the WNBA. Why is it that every time I set my DVR for a Rutgers game, you bench Kia? How am I supposed to judge her pro capabilities? Seriously, of the 19 games you have played her, you have only brought her off the bench 3 times, and 2 of those 3 were games I was recording. So, anyways, she is my Kara Braxton for the year. She has an unrealized potential that we just don't get, but makes basketball smart people like SFO decide to put them in their rotation. Sometimes it works and sometimes it makes unpleasant odors in the room. Vaughn is in my top 50 for the year so far, but for some stupid reason, because she played for Vivian and based on their team success (thank you Epiphany) she will go in the late first or early second round. Their are more talented players that lack her "potential" who will get passed over just in case.

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