Sunday, February 01, 2009

Swoopes Waived

Wow. We knew something was up with Sheryl based on Agler's evasive answers to the "What about Sheryl?" question yesterday. It was even more obvious when we all saw she was at the game but had not been at the event. It hit the press shortly after the game, perhaps so that Agler could speak to her face to face before making the cut.

Apparently the cost of signing, JB, Tanisha and the Mystery PG puts the rotation in the following shape already different than yesterday...

Sue Bird, Mystery Point Guard (?), Tanisha Wright
Tanisha Wright, Sue Bird, Katie Gearlds, Draft Pick or Camp Invitee (?)
Swin Cash, Katie Gearlds, Draft Pick or Camp Invitee (?)
Lauren Jackson (?), Camille Little, Ashley Robinson
Yolanda Griffith (?), Janell Burse (?), Ashley Robinson (?)

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