Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Playing Catchup - 6/22 Storm vs. Lynx

Back home from vacation and trying to catch up. I am MANY games behind.

Best Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Sue Bird64%83%
Betty Lennox51%83%
Shyra Ely40%83%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Sue Bird156.87157.41
Katie Gearlds126.95119.48
Betty Lennox112.68115.76

Best Plus/Minus

Betty Lennox: +7
Tanisha Wright: +5
Shyra Ely: +4

Most Effective Lineups

Wright-Lennox-Gearlds-Jackson-Burse: +5
Bird-Lennox-Ely-Jackson-Burse: +5
Bird-Lennox-Ely-Jackson-Palmer: +3

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