Monday, July 30, 2007

7/29 Storm vs. Silver Stars

San Antonio, former bottom dweller of the WNBA, now OWNS the Seattle Storm. I don't mean that Bennett sold the team, I just mean that they have complete control over the outcome whenever these two teams face off and that does NOT bode well for the playoffs. The Storm will face them one way or the other if they want to advance. Anne Donovan says they have to learn how to stop Becky Hammon and man is that true. She started slow but then just took over the game whenever Seattle made a run.

My son decided at the last minute to stay home with Mom. Doppler came to his regular spot looked right at me and raised his/her arms as if to say "Where is he?" and walked away dejected unable to get his regular high five.

The bench has to do more. I realize that they didn't play much, but look at the numbers.

Wright and Palmer came in to drive a +4 run in the first quarter but once Ely came in they gave up 2 of those. The Storm made big run in the second for +5 but the starters turned around and gave it all away with a -7 run later in the quarter. Wright and Palmer came in for another +5 boost in the third, but when Ely and Robinson came in they gave it right back again. The Storm never recovered from that loss in the third. San Antonio clamped down defense at the end of each of the first three quarters with -2, -7 and -4 stingers to end them followed by a -4 run to start the fourth. They are showing a clutch capability to just clamp down the defense when they want while they continue to execute on offense, very similar to the way the Storm played in 2004 on the way to a championship.

By the way, welcome back to Janell Burse who was simply fantastic in the first half and to Sue Bird who looks to be back in form.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Janell Burse56%58%
Betty Lennox55%50%
Sue Bird54%89%
Lauren Jackson52%65%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Betty Lennox124.67105.20
Sue Bird122.91122.56
Lauren Jackson118.92106.13

Best Plus/Minus
Wendy Palmer: +16
Iziane Castro Marques: +6

Most Effective Lineups
Bird-Wright-Ely-Jackson-Palmer: +5
Bird-Wright-Castro-Jackson-Palmer: +5
Wright-Lennox-Castro-Palmer-Burse: +4

Quote of the Night

"What exactly are you trying to say, Kevin?" Coach Anne Donovan to Storm beat writer Kevin Pelton when he attempted to a round about way to point out that her team STILL DOESN'T PLAY DEFENSE during the post game radio interview!

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