Thursday, July 26, 2007

Netflix Streaming NCAA Women's Classics

Stumbled on these while perusing Netflix. With their service you get some number of DVD's mailed to your house and a limited number of streamed movies per month over their site. Two NCAA Women's games pop out at me and BOTH have Storm players in games I did not get to see. I count 5 current or former Storm players in the rosters, and I just scanned the rosters.

(Edit: Up to 6 former or current Stormies Alissa Burras plays center for 1998 LA Tech)
(Edit: Up to 7...Tye'sh Fluker on 2004 Lady Vols)
(Edit: Back to 6...B-Money was still in JC in 97-98...she played 98-99)

1998 NCAA: Tenn vs. La Tech
Mique at her peak, Semeka Randall, Tamika Catchings, and Alissa Burrass

2004 NCAA Tenn vs. Conn.
Diana Taurasi, Barb Turner, Anne Strother, Ashley Robinson, Shyra Ely and Shanna Crossley (Zolman at the time)

Both can also be delivered via mail, additionally there are three DVD's others available for mail delivery...

2004, 2005 and 2007 Final Fours.

Cheers for Netflix for picking these up. Now I know what I am watching after dinner tonight while I am on the road in California.

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