Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Home Game

I have had a really hard time writing about the last game and am now pressed for time. There was so much good for LJ, the Storm and the fans on Friday, but I had a rotten time at the game. My oldest son was so angry that he had to go (this was the second of three games all four of us are going to attend) that he spent the whole evening intent on ruining the game for everyone else in the family. It is a subconscious act, I know, and he is not even eight years old, but it was hard to be back in the place that I love after so long with so much great stuff (LJ's 4000, Tully, Sheri, Chelle, a win) and have someone so miserable there with me.

He will not be joining us this evening and I look forward to finding the fun of the Key again.

The Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, MVP! chants did not quite break through on Friday, we need to do a better job. We might need more signs to hint to everyone what is being done. I saw a few but the fans weren't getting it and the Oi/MVP chants became mush.

Stats for both games will be up tomorrow.

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