Monday, September 05, 2005

With the Storm's season at an end, I am not sure how much I will have to write in the next few months.

I suppose the site name will have to change...they can no longer defend the title...and next year, well, frankly, they will have to regain their title next year.

I will drop pointers to interesting articles on the Storm and the rest of the WNBA here as the offseason progresses...and as hard as it may be, I will try to follow the rest of this year's WNBA playoffs and post my thoughts for those who are interested.

Jayda Evans wraps up her excellent season coverage of the Storm with a nice article on the team and coaching staff and forecasts for their future.

She sees the Storm keeping Sue Bird, Janelle Burse, Tanisha Wright, Izzy Castro Marques, Betty Lennox and Lauren Jackson. Her thoughts are that Suzy, Francesca and Vodo are at risk in the expansion draft which brings Chicago into the league and evens out the number of teams in each conference. The Storm are allowed to protect six players...I have seen conflicting ideas on whether they are required to protect unrestricted free agents like Betty and Lauren...if they aren't I am sure they protect Suzy and Vodo. Simone, like every season, may be gone next year...that will depend on her desire to remain and who comes to camp next season, as it always does. Francesca was a solid backup, but I am not sure that she will be kept as the Storm realized they needed a more veteran guard in the backcourt. I would not be surprised to see an offseason trade made by AD to shore up the strong backcourt trio of Sue, Betty and Tanisha.

One interesting note in the Times article today was Jayda's assertion that the Storm may lose one of their assistant coaches. I hope that means a head coaching opportunity is in the future for Jessie Kenlaw or Jenny Boucek. I think their excellent work with such a young team this season and the championship last year in addition to their tutelage under the BEST coach in the WNBA will earn them respect in the league. It would be good to see the league foster growth from within, particularly with women coaches. It is getting old seeing unqualified former NBA players getting the nod. There are openings in both Phoenix and LA, though I think Charlotte is committed to their experiment with Mugsy Bogues.

I will also be starting a blog on the Seattle Sonics season which will begin ramping up in the next two months. We are very fortunate to have excellent year round basketball between these two teams. With that in mind I don't expect as many entries in this blog during the offseason, at least until the draft.

Thanks to those of you who have been has been exciting for me to apply a little discipline and force myself to write these past few weeks about a sport and a team that I really love. I have been encouraged by the readership...representation by five continents is really impressive to me. You can use the ATOM xml link on this page to subscribe via an Atom reader or RSS reader which will allow you to receive notice of new articles during the offseason.

I am also looking for suggestions on a new title...please leave any ideas you have and I will try to have the site renamed by the end of September. Happy off-season everyone!

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