Saturday, September 03, 2005

Houston vs. Seattle Game 3 - BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW

Thursday night was VERY tough on Storm fans...and I sure even tougher for the players and coaching staff.

Based on what I have read from Kevin Pelton and Jayda Evans, I would NOT want to be a Comet's player standing between LJ and the basket tonight. She sounds like she is going to be a monster on the court tonight.

I think the league will question the 28-5 discrepency in shooting fouls in Game 2 even if they only missed a handful of calls. I believe that there will be a conscious effort to call the game close and evenly tonight.

Keys for tonight:

1) JB needs to play like she did in Game 2.
2) The Storm needs to play ALL 40 minutes of game time.
3) They need to take the ball to the basket early and set the tone with the officials and the Comet's defense.

I'm revved up...ready to take on the parking fiasco or take the bus to the arena. Ready to take on the Bumbershoot hordes. Ready to scream, chant, stomp, clap and cheer the Storm on to a round one victory. Ready to advance to the conference finals and an exciting rematch with Sacramento.

Are You?

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