Sunday, September 11, 2005

Eastern Conference Finals

Indiana vs. Connecticut
I did better with my game charting for this game. I got the first 10 minutes of game time in 40 minutes. I would have done even better but twice my DVR locked up while either fast forwarding through commercials or rewinding to catch a play, and I lost 5-10 minutes each time. By the end of my charting I was writing down numbers without pausing, only getting stuck when offensive rebounds starting happening and things got fast, furious and confusing. I can tell that the practice is helping. I will just have to keep at it. I wish the coverage was better so I could see jersey numbers more clearly...may have to have my wireless laptop next to me to check player numbers...or write them down before the game starts.

Indiana did everything they could in this game...I couldn't believe they managed to force an overtime. It was a great game overall. I thought Whalen was "back" after her less dominant performance in Game 1. Sales was again disappointing, though she was strong from long range, going 3-3 and hit her shots at key moments. Dydek was not noticeable other than her two blocks to start the game and her scoring/rebounding in the OT period. Catchings was back in form, but it was not enough to win the game for the Fever. Natalie Williams was brilliant in the last WNBA game of her career. Farewell Natalie...your team will definitely miss you next year. I really like Deanna Jackson...she really stepped up her game in the playoffs...we should see more from her next year.

In the end it really boiled down to efficiency and team play. The Sun played 7 players, and 5 of them scored in double figures, with Sales close at 9. Indiana played 8 players, but only three hit double figures with Kelly Miller the only other one close at 8 points.

NOTE: I finally found the error in my formula for Connecticut's Round 2 Game 1 numbers and fixed it. Their offensive rating was even more stunning...they had an offensive rating of 120.13 creating a differential of +19.08. When you bring both series together they fall closer to Earth with a 112.02 offensive rating and a +12.78 differential.

I'll cover Sacramento and the Western Conference Finals tomorrow.

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