Thursday, September 22, 2005

Not the Storm We Love

The fast approach of Hurricane Rita has me scrambling at work more than usual as some of my team, and many of my friends and coworkers are based in Houston. I will run the numbers on game four and the Finals in general as soon as I can.

Storm Individual Offense and Defense

Once I look at the finals I want to take a look first at individual offensive ratings from the 2004 and 2005 Storm seasons and see if I can gain any statistical insights into where the Storm suffered on offense this year compared to last year. The defensive analysis will take longer, but I am particularly interested in those numbers.

The New Name

We knew they weren't defending it anymore, but now the title has officially passed hands. As a result I have changed the name for the site. I am still debating merging my basketball thoughts into a single site, merging my upcoming thoughts for the NBA season here, but I have not been able to commit either way. I struggle with dilution of content vs. ease of only writing for one blog. I am wishy-washy here....I still have a couple of weeks before NBA training camps open, so I will keep mulling it over for a little while longer.

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