Saturday, August 24, 2013

PHO vs. SEA 8/23/13

I wasn't sure what to expect in this game to be completely honest.  In part...despite my defense of coach Corey Gaines in other forums...I really thought the advantage Seattle has over Phoenix in the past few years was mostly coaching superiority.

This is the professional level of the sport and match-ups matter more than they do at any other level.  Players see each other for far more than 2-4 years....this matters more than you may imagine.  Learning how to guard a player's tendencies is by far easier than developing a new offensive skill set.

I like the changes I see on the Mercury side of the ball from a defensive standpoint.  I think the players will tighten up as they learn what is expected of them and that the gaps we see from well coached teams will dissipate over time.  Offensively they are still a mess when faced with Indiana or Seattle.  They can probably beat the rest of the league handily if they are healthy and they follow their game plans.  Sorry folks...but those are the two teams that focus at least MOST of their efforts on shutting down the obvious scoring options in the game of basketball AND succeed.  They have the game plan and the personnel to give offensive teams headaches.

I, for one want to see this coach get a draft, a training camp and a full season under his belt.  He knows this game...that is why they are winning.  I want to see what he does when he understands the league and his competition.

Offensively for Phoenix...start the offense through Griner.  Let's she what she can do.  Have her focus on catching and raising the ball over her head.  No one will steal it there...she will have time to assess the defense and decide whether to score or pass.

For Seattle....uh...well...oh....hmmmm...listen to your coach?  He seems to have things figured out and your veterans are pretty solid on what to do.  So.... .... ... ... well... just play the game and have fun?

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