Monday, July 30, 2007

7/29 Storm vs. Silver Stars

San Antonio, former bottom dweller of the WNBA, now OWNS the Seattle Storm. I don't mean that Bennett sold the team, I just mean that they have complete control over the outcome whenever these two teams face off and that does NOT bode well for the playoffs. The Storm will face them one way or the other if they want to advance. Anne Donovan says they have to learn how to stop Becky Hammon and man is that true. She started slow but then just took over the game whenever Seattle made a run.

My son decided at the last minute to stay home with Mom. Doppler came to his regular spot looked right at me and raised his/her arms as if to say "Where is he?" and walked away dejected unable to get his regular high five.

The bench has to do more. I realize that they didn't play much, but look at the numbers.

Wright and Palmer came in to drive a +4 run in the first quarter but once Ely came in they gave up 2 of those. The Storm made big run in the second for +5 but the starters turned around and gave it all away with a -7 run later in the quarter. Wright and Palmer came in for another +5 boost in the third, but when Ely and Robinson came in they gave it right back again. The Storm never recovered from that loss in the third. San Antonio clamped down defense at the end of each of the first three quarters with -2, -7 and -4 stingers to end them followed by a -4 run to start the fourth. They are showing a clutch capability to just clamp down the defense when they want while they continue to execute on offense, very similar to the way the Storm played in 2004 on the way to a championship.

By the way, welcome back to Janell Burse who was simply fantastic in the first half and to Sue Bird who looks to be back in form.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Janell Burse56%58%
Betty Lennox55%50%
Sue Bird54%89%
Lauren Jackson52%65%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Betty Lennox124.67105.20
Sue Bird122.91122.56
Lauren Jackson118.92106.13

Best Plus/Minus
Wendy Palmer: +16
Iziane Castro Marques: +6

Most Effective Lineups
Bird-Wright-Ely-Jackson-Palmer: +5
Bird-Wright-Castro-Jackson-Palmer: +5
Wright-Lennox-Castro-Palmer-Burse: +4

Quote of the Night

"What exactly are you trying to say, Kevin?" Coach Anne Donovan to Storm beat writer Kevin Pelton when he attempted to a round about way to point out that her team STILL DOESN'T PLAY DEFENSE during the post game radio interview!

7/27 Storm vs. Fever

It was nice to have a big win in the Key after a long layoff. Some of my Plus/Minus numbers don't line up, but they match the published play by play...the only one's way off are Burse/Palmer.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Lauren Jackson68%75%
Iziane Castro Marques57%65%
Wendy Palmer49%50%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Lauren Jackson149.28143.14
Iziane Castro Marques142.90131.79
Wendy Palmer108.2596.58

Best Plus/Minus
Lauren Jackson: +27
Sue Bird: +25
Iziane Castro Marques: +25
Betty Lennox: +22
Wendy Palmer: +17

Most Effective Lineups
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Palmer: +15
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Robinson: +9

Any guesses on who the 2nd most important player on the Storm is so far this season? It is obvious to me from the numbers. There is no question is Number 1. She has been my Player of the Week every week except one this season. One hint, the 2nd most important player has NEVER been my POW.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Home Game

I have had a really hard time writing about the last game and am now pressed for time. There was so much good for LJ, the Storm and the fans on Friday, but I had a rotten time at the game. My oldest son was so angry that he had to go (this was the second of three games all four of us are going to attend) that he spent the whole evening intent on ruining the game for everyone else in the family. It is a subconscious act, I know, and he is not even eight years old, but it was hard to be back in the place that I love after so long with so much great stuff (LJ's 4000, Tully, Sheri, Chelle, a win) and have someone so miserable there with me.

He will not be joining us this evening and I look forward to finding the fun of the Key again.

The Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, MVP! chants did not quite break through on Friday, we need to do a better job. We might need more signs to hint to everyone what is being done. I saw a few but the fans weren't getting it and the Oi/MVP chants became mush.

Stats for both games will be up tomorrow.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Get Warmed UP

Tully and Sheri are back and rumour has it (over at that Chelle will be on site too. Loud cheers are expected BEFORE the whistle blows for game paly ONLY.

We must all bow down in honor of LJ's 47 point night.

LJ should break 4,000 points tonight, she needs 14 to be the youngest and fastest ever to reach this number. More loud cheers are expected here.

The chant of the evening is...

"Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! M! V! P!"

Do not forget.

7/24 Storm vs. Mystics

Oh my goodness...I am finally caught up. Why on earth do ESPN and the WNBA Play by Plays have different scores for the same intervals....anyway...using ESPN's data I match up.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Lauren Jackson71%68%
Tanisha Wright58%60%
Shyra Ely55%33%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Lauren Jackson150.76135.50
Shyra Ely123.2197.53
Tanisha Wright118.0596.11

Best Plus/Minus
Lauren Jackson: +3
Sue Bird: +3
Shyra Ely: +1

Most Effective Lineups
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Robinson: +5
Wright-Gearlds-Castro-Jackson-Palmer: +5
Bird-Wright-Ely-Jackson-Robinson: +3

Tanisha and Shyra are stepping up their games and the Storm need that from the bench, unfortunately LJ can't win it alone....where were Sue, Betty, Izi and JB in this game?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Netflix Streaming NCAA Women's Classics

Stumbled on these while perusing Netflix. With their service you get some number of DVD's mailed to your house and a limited number of streamed movies per month over their site. Two NCAA Women's games pop out at me and BOTH have Storm players in games I did not get to see. I count 5 current or former Storm players in the rosters, and I just scanned the rosters.

(Edit: Up to 6 former or current Stormies Alissa Burras plays center for 1998 LA Tech)
(Edit: Up to 7...Tye'sh Fluker on 2004 Lady Vols)
(Edit: Back to 6...B-Money was still in JC in 97-98...she played 98-99)

1998 NCAA: Tenn vs. La Tech
Mique at her peak, Semeka Randall, Tamika Catchings, and Alissa Burrass

2004 NCAA Tenn vs. Conn.
Diana Taurasi, Barb Turner, Anne Strother, Ashley Robinson, Shyra Ely and Shanna Crossley (Zolman at the time)

Both can also be delivered via mail, additionally there are three DVD's others available for mail delivery...

2004, 2005 and 2007 Final Fours.

Cheers for Netflix for picking these up. Now I know what I am watching after dinner tonight while I am on the road in California.

7/22 Storm vs. Liberty

Still 1 game behind.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Iziane Castro Marques76%95%
Tanisha Wright59%90%
Betty Lennox46%50%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Iziane Castro Marques194.70190.17
Tanisha Wright133.96135.87
Betty Lennox107.9592.26

Best Plus/Minus
Betty Lennox: +8
Sue Bird: +7
Janell Burse: +5
Iziane Castro Marques: +3

Most Effective Lineups
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Palmer: +5
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Burse: +3

Were Izi, T and Betty that good or does the Liberty have a serious perimeter defense problem? This game was won by Sue Bird left wide open at the top of the key...her shot and she made it.

7/20 Storm vs. Sun

Storm fans know Kevin Pelton. We know that as the beat writer for he has single-handedly made the Storm web site one of the most interesting and informative team sites in the league. People like Kevin and Paul Swanson of the Lynx are prime examples of why the WNBA might be the most friendly league in professional sports today. We know that Bill Lambier and Donna Orender read and post to fan sites like Rebkell, but so do people throughout the league like Kevin, Paul, Matt Wurst and others who are lurking or have managed to maintain anonymity. I love the game of basketball and I would not be able to enjoy it near as much without the active participation of people like Kevin and Paul. Their passion for the game and their ability to remain fans while they also earn their paycheck from the league is fantastic, but it is their willingness and desire to share their knowledge and access with fans that sets this league apart from others. Paul and Kevin have both helped me out with getting data I couldn't get in other ways or pointed me in a great direction to learn something new and see the game from a new perspective. They help keep the game alive between the final buzzer of one game and the first jump ball of the next. If you haven't done it before drop them a comment at their blogs or pm them at Rebkell just to say thanks, they don't score the points, but they help bring the game to us every day.

Still 2 games behind.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Lauren Jackson51%41%
Shyra Ely47%50%
Katie Gearlds46%50%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Lauren Jackson103.8389.00

Best Plus/Minus
Wendy Palmer: +5

Most Effective Lineups
Wright-Gearlds-Castro-Jackson-Palmer: +3
Bird-Gearlds-Castro-Jackson-Palmer: +2
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Palmer-Burse: +2

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stuff to Say

Why am I still behind?

I am stuck on the Connecticut game. I have worked numbers off two different play by plays, one from the WNBA site and one from ESPN. Both are horribly inaccurate, but in completely different ways. For instance in the first quarter Sue Bird starts the game, checks out and then checks out again without ever checking in! I did the best recreation of the game that I could and still am off pd_swanson's numbers from the Lynx plus/minus blog. I don't know WHAT is happening. To top that off my internet router went dead this weekend and now I am on the road.

Will I ever change my Player of the Week?
When LJ stops playing like she has all year I might have room for someone else. Sue Bird has the honor once the season, all the rest are LJ.

I have been wondering how long it would take LJ to break 40. Generally when she is playing well enough to do so she sits out the last 5-8 minutes of a blowout victory. Tuesday's nailbiter against Washington forced her to keep playing and finally break the barrier. No offense, Lauren, but I think I'd rather have the win....when will this team get defense figured out? Even if Tamika Catchings was still playing this performance might have sealed LJ's MVP status for the season.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

7/17 Storm vs. Mercury

Still 2 games behind.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Lauren Jackson63%72%
Betty Lennox46%47%
Iziane Castro Marques38%33%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Lauren Jackson151.42141.14
Betty Lennox112.2295.01

Best Plus/Minus
Ashely Robinson: +9
Iziane Castro Marques: +0

Most Effective Lineups
Wright-Lennox-Castro-Ely-Jackson: +5
Wright-Lennox-Castro-Palmer-Burse: +4
Wright-Lennox-Ely-Jackson-Robinson: +4
Lennox-Gearlds-Castro-Jackson-Robinson: +3

LJ and Betty came to play on offense but where were the rest of the players? This is the game where I began to wonder if Janell Burse belongs in the starting lineup any longer.

7-11 Storm vs. Sun

Still 3 games behind.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Lauren Jackson53%50%
Betty Lennox46%43%
Janell Burse45%44%
Tanisha Wright41%33%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Lauren Jackson105.3289.38
Betty Lennox91.0276.15
Janell Burse90.0170.67

Best Plus/Minus
Ashely Robinson: +1

Most Effective Lineups
Wright-Lennox-Ely-Jackson-Burse: +2
Wright-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Robinson: +1

This had to have been one of the WORST offensive games I have seen the Storm in, right next to the horrid LA opener in 2005.

Monday, July 23, 2007

7/10 Storm vs. Sparks

Still 4 games behind.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Wendy Palmer100%100%
Iziane Castro Marques68%94%
Janell Burse55%56%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Wendy Palmer206.28186.54
Iziane Castro Marques169.00174.09
Janell Burse114.24101.84

Best Plus/Minus

Tanisha Wright: +35
Lauren Jackson: +28
Shyra Ely: +23
Janell Burse: +22

Most Effective Lineups
Wright-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Burse: +8
Wright-Gearlds-Ely-Robinson-Burse: +7
Wright-Gearlds-Castro-Jackson-Palmer: +6
Wright-Lennox-Ely-Jackson-Burse: +5

Saturday, July 21, 2007

7-7 Storm vs. Silver Stars

Still 3 games behind.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Katie Gearlds84%100%
Tanisha Wright66%73%
Iziane Castro Marques51%100%
Lauren Jackson38%46%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Katie Gearlds214.71209.60
Tanisha Wright141.23135.40
Iziane Castro Marques124.90134.58

Best Plus/Minus

Katie Gearlds: +12
Shyra Ely: +3
Wendy Palmer: +2

Most Effective Lineups
Wright-Lennox-Gearlds-Ely-Jackson: +8
Wright-Lennox-Gearlds-Jackson-Palmer: +5

You probably remember this game. It will be remembered as the greatest performance of Tanisha Wright's WNBA career. Katie Gearlds also came up big, and the bench almost stole this one away from the conference leader without Sue Bird even available through an amazing +13 run starting at the 6:55 mark in the 3rd quarter right down to the final seconds. This is the game that gave you hope for the playoffs and getting out of the first round this year. Wow.

7-6 Storm vs. Comets

Still 4 games behind.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Ashley Robinson100%100%
Lauren Jackson65%68%
Wendy Palmer50%100%
Tanisha Wright40%43%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Ashley Robinson200.00185.61
Lauren Jackson141.52125.81
Wendy Palmer100.52107.85

Best Plus/Minus

Iziane Castro Marques: +23
Lauren Jackson: +20
Betty Lennox: +16
Ashley Robinson: +9

Most Effective Lineups
Wright-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Palmer: +8
Wright-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Burse: +5
Wright-Gearlds-Castro-Jackson-Robinson: +5

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

7-3 Storm vs. Sparks

Still 4 games behind.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Katie Gearlds71%50%
Lauren Jackson59%60%
Betty Lennox59%50%
Sue Bird58%56%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Katie Gearlds153.82129.66
Sue Bird138.34121.54
Lauren Jackson135.71116.15
Betty Lennox121.2096.95

Best Plus/Minus

Sue Bird: +20
Betty Lennox: +20
Iziane Castro Marques: +16
Janell Burse: +16
Lauren Jackson: +11

Most Effective Lineups
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Burse: +8
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Robinson: +3
Bird-Castro-Ely-Jackson-Burse: +3
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Palmer-Robinson: +3
Wright-Gearlds-Ely-Palmer-Burse: +3

Katie shows some life and the bench holds a lead for half a quarter.

Monday, July 16, 2007

7-1 Storm vs. Liberty

Still 5 games behind.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Iziane Castro Marques65%92%
Betty Lennox56%39%
Lauren Jackson50%33%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Iziane Castro Marqes158.38160.44
Betty Lennox131.21107.38
Lauren Jackson109.2382.70
Shyra Ely103.8494.51

Best Plus/Minus

Iziane Castro Marques: +33
Betty Lennox: +27
Janell Burse: +26
Lauren Jackson: +24
Sue Bird: +21

Most Effective Lineups
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Burse: +14
Wright-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Burse: +7

What is it about Izi and the Liberty, she ALWAYS tears them apart.

6-28 Storm vs. Comets

Still 6 games behind.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Lauren Jackson72%73%
Wendy Palmer56%33%
Betty Lennox50%77%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Lauren Jackson153.14144.24
Wendy Palmer125.7398.22
Betty Lennox123.57120.22
Iziane Castro Marqes106.8892.45

Best Plus/Minus

Iziane Castro Marques: +10
Tanisha Wright: +1

Most Effective Lineups

Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Palmer: +7

What the heck happened to Bird????
Floor %: 12%
Eff FG% 0%
Off Rtg: 26.77
Pelton IR: 22.22
+/-: -4

Friday, July 13, 2007

6-26 Storm vs. Sky

Still 7 games behind.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Sue Bird67%63%
Lauren Jackson65%60%
Betty Lennox61%50%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Sue Bird155.02143.15
Lauren Jackson143.24131.04
Betty Lennox132.92118.56
Tanisha Wright119.63115.49

Best Plus/Minus

Sue Bird: +22
Iziane Castro Marques: +20
Lauren Jackson: +15
Betty Lennox: +14
Janell Burse: +11
Wendy Palmer: +8

Most Effective Lineups

Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Burse: +11
Bird-Castro-Ely-Jackson-Palmer: +5
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Palmer-Robinson: +3

The Storm controlled this entire game with solid play throughout, and NO lineups giving up more than -2 runs for the entire game. Two big bursts of dominance won the game handily. The Bird-Castro-Ely-Jackson-Palmer lineup went on a +6, two minute run near the end of the first quarter and the starters put on a +8 run in the first six minutes of the third quarter.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

6-24 Storm vs. Sparks


Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Lauren Jackson65%68%
Wendy Palmer62%70%
Janell Burse56%43%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Wendy Palmer146.11131.30
Lauren Jackson143.38133.92
Janell Burse110.5991.15

Best Plus/Minus

Sue Bird: +23
Lauren Jackson: +13
Iziane Castro Marques: +11
Janell Burse: +9
Betty Lennox: +8

Most Effective Lineups

Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Burse: +12
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Robinson-Burse: +4
Bird-Wright-Gearlds-Jackson-Palme: +3

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Playing Catchup - 6/22 Storm vs. Lynx

Back home from vacation and trying to catch up. I am MANY games behind.

Best Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Sue Bird64%83%
Betty Lennox51%83%
Shyra Ely40%83%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Sue Bird156.87157.41
Katie Gearlds126.95119.48
Betty Lennox112.68115.76

Best Plus/Minus

Betty Lennox: +7
Tanisha Wright: +5
Shyra Ely: +4

Most Effective Lineups

Wright-Lennox-Gearlds-Jackson-Burse: +5
Bird-Lennox-Ely-Jackson-Burse: +5
Bird-Lennox-Ely-Jackson-Palmer: +3

Monday, July 02, 2007

Fire Warnings in Effect

After two wins, and a loss, I finally have an internet connection. I am not likely to get caught up anytime soon, however. I wish I could say that is because I am having too much fun on vacation, but that isn't the reason. There are two wildfires in the area, one within 10 miles and the other within five miles. I can see the closer fire out bedroom window and smell the smoke from the balcony. We are under warning stage for a possible evacuation, but that is all. If I keep my connection it will be because we get lucky and the fire doesn't make it here.