Friday, February 02, 2007

Busy With Things Other Than Basketball

I have not forgotten basketball. I am, however busy doing some other things. I have been on a long vaction in the Caribbean visiting the islands of St. Thomas (USVI) and St. Kitts (St. Kitts & Nevis). If you have a chance to go and the ability to choose, go to St. Kitts. Less crowded, happier people and more pristine, undeveloped (at least for now) island. The Marriott on St. Kitts is first rate and has great pools and a fantastic beach, not to mention the casino. If you are a diver, be sure to dive with Dive St. Kitts. They are responsible divers (the first I have found in my island diving) who care about the environment and love to introduce new guests to the underwater world they treasure. Mike and Kent will take good care of you.

The photos above are one for Dave who took his first dive on St. Kitts and a photo of a small nurse shark I rescued by forking out $20 to the local fisherman who caught it and were planning to sell it at the market. We paid the fisherman and brought the shark to its new home on the reef.