Saturday, September 06, 2008

These two are funny.

Ok, maybe it is just me, but I love the "real" quality of these two ladies. They are a pair of Storm fans that are talking about the whole WNBA. It is a couple days old, but I must say I have a little fan crush on this pair just because they are who they are from start to finish, even though there is a Parker hater and a Pierson defender in the clip.

They represent what I love about the fans of this league, regardless of race, gender, age or orientation they are passionate and funny. I get cranky at time about the bickering and wasteful posts over at Rebkell, but all of those people love the game in their own way.

They are informed and opinionated, two of my favorite charateristics.

The segment is way long, but I hope that their audience isn't as segmented as it could be. They are too much fun to be ignored.

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