Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lost on ESPN2

I realize that I am sick, feverish and therefore somewhat easily confused, but ESPN2's coverage of the NCAA Women's tournament has my head spinning. I have no idea what games I watched yesterday because they randomly switched between games and I couldn't keep up. Being a W fan with little or no experience with the NCAA schools or their players it was very hard to root for any team the way ESPN2 keeps changing things up. I found it quite annoying. They seem hell bent not to show ANY games where either team has a 10+ point advantage, and we are missing some of the better teams in the tournament as a result. We were allowed to watch about three minutes of the Tennessee game last night, but it had the look of a blowout early so they left and only game back for 30 second score updates. The Hartford/Georgia game was favored until Georgia began to overwhelm the desire of the Hartford players with superior talent and teamwork, so ESPN2 quickly cut away to another close game. UCLA/Purdue looked like it could be a nailbiter and you could hear some producer in a studio booth somewhere cursing themselves when UCLA began to choke and wasted their timeslot. Even worse for that poor producer what the St. John's/Maryland game which also looked like it could be a close one but ended up with Maryland taking control before the end of the game.

I didn't bother trying to watch the late games. Perhaps things will slow down to my viewing speed once we get to the Elite Eight.

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