Tuesday, January 24, 2006

WNBA Blogs Abound

Women's Hoops pointed me to a new team blog as the Minnesota Lynx kick off their official blog with a vague free agent signing rumor...

Of course, Kevin Pelton at the Storm site has been essentially blogging via his semi-regular Off the Record feature. It currently has some nice pictures of JB, Izzy and Simone from their overseas work.

A number of other teams have set up blogs of one sort or another as well.

Charlotte has an interview with Helen Darling about her triplets.

Chicago jumps out of the gate with a semi-regular coach's corner which is essentially a blog as well.

Phoenix checks in with Kamilla in Russia. She raves about having both Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi as teammates in Russia.

Congrats to these five teams for being open to the idea...I still believe the net may be the "grass roots" type of information outlet to help the league grow.

The WNBA also publishes its "Blog Squad" via a shared channel with the NBA. The WNBA version is fairly empty, but you can still spot some WNBA names at the NBA site. The WNBA Offseason Blog appears to have vanished for the moment.

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