Monday, January 23, 2006

If you haven't caught phenom Candace Parker in action yet, here is your chance. #2 Duke takes on #1 Tennessee tonight at 0730 EST on ESPN2. The time is ripe to see her in the regular season before she enters her first college tournament. Big games define great players and this is really the first big game for Parker this season. Pat Summit has been pushing Parker, playing her at multiple positions and demanding more from her no matter what she gives. Summit is a great coach to groom Parker, ESPN said last night that some call her the female Bobby Knight, but Bobby doesn't have the same winning record that Ms. Summit boasts. Parker has been first in rebounding, first or second in points, first in blocks and second or third in assists for the Lady Vols this season demonstrating her versatility. I have seen her play twice so far and she just radiates know those players that you find yourself just waiting to do something special. She is not the best player in the game, not even the best in the NCAA, but in her first year she is showing that she could become the best in either if she wants to be. continues its trend of fluff pieces in the off-season...creating articles out of what must have been a questionaire provided to players during the season. The same players seem to show up with answers to these questions over and over again. This one is funny, though, with players fessing up to their teenage crushes. Sue Bird picks Ralph Maccio and LJ goes with Marilyn Manson. My personal favorite though is the pick of Taj MacWilliams-Franklin who went with Stephen King.

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