Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tenacious Tanisha Wright has her third blog entry posted at wnba.com, who also have a Q&A session with Sue Bird highlighted on their front page.

These little personal tidbits and the fitness material may be "important" for letting fans feel closer to the players and encouraging young people to pursue fitness in their lives, but I find them just downright BORING. I want some basketball meat...I am all for presentation with my meals, but frankly I want some real food under the pretty garnishes.

One of the best things the Sonics/Storm did for their site was to let Kevin Pelton loose on the Storm...the Storm site went from pure fluff material to some actual basketball with analysis and statistics. In some ways the PR department of the WNBA may be hurting their chances to be taken seriously as a league by focusing wholly on the "soft" news with too many features on things that have little to do with basketball. I think that the relationship the fans have with the players, the connection that they have made in the past nine years is unique and important, but I would like to see them add some more depth to their off-season reporting.

I am not saying they should cut the personal pieces, just add some more material that has some actual interesting information. Why don't we see feature articles like an interview with Sacramento Monarchs Coach John Whisenant on why he is married to the "white line defense." We heard about that defense from everyone else on the planet during the Monarchs run to the championship last season. I'd like to hear what he has to say about it. They could have pieces with other league coaches on the pool of talent, and how they scour the college vs. the international ranks now to identify the pieces they want for their teams. Why not a piece on how a team prepares for the draft?

But, then again, who's asking me anyway?

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