Wednesday, October 26, 2005

When I heard that ESPN had an article on the outing of Houston Comet's star Sheryl Swoopes I thought the MVP voting conspiracy had finally been admitted and LJ would get the award we Storm fans have always thought she deserved the past two years. Alas it turned out to be a story about the talented forward's personal life and what her employers and sponsors think of her. I realize that the sports magazines enjoy slice of life stories on the atheletes whose feats of physical prowess we so admire, but I'm not sure when these window dressing articles became such big news. I am glad to hear how happy a remarkable person and amazing player like Sheryl is with her life, but I am really not sure why I am supposed to care what Nike has to say about it? Oh, well, I guess anything is news in the ridiculously long WNBA off-season. Watch out Sheryl...that MVP trophy isn't safe on your mantle as long as one currently blonde Australian is still playing in the league.

In other news, I am currently considering an in-depth expose on the rampant propagation of vegetarianism in the NBA. In addition to the openly veggie Bill Walton, I have recently uncovered some details of the dietary plans of current and former NBA players including Anthony Peeler, Jacques Vaughn, and Robert Parish. Currently their employers and former sponsors have declined to comment on how this dietary choice impacts their continued associations with these players.

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