Monday, August 22, 2005

Three games to go in the regular season. The Storm still need one win to clinch a playoff birth, and two wins to clinch the #2 seed in the west. Their only competition (at the moment) for the #2 seed is Houston who has two games remaining...Thursday in Phoenix and Friday at home against LA who beat them last night. A special thanks to our "friends" in LA for giving back to the Storm a half game lead for that #2 spot. It is highly unlikely that Phoenix can will their final three games against Sacramento, Houston and then Seattle. Obviously the Storm have the final say, closing the regular season against Phoenix here on Saturday.

The final 3 games are very complicated with Phoenix having to play BOTH Seattle and Houston leaving the final playoff order in the balance.

Seattle needs to take control of its own destiny. They need beat Phoenix on Saturday and win one of the other two games. This lets them own the better conference record against Houston and own the tiebreaker with Phoenix.

It may all be decided on Thursday however. If Seattle wins tomorrow against San Antonio and on Thursday against Sacramento, with Phoenix falling to Houston...the order will be decided.

If Phoenix wins and Seattle loses either of the games....Saturday will be one HECK of a showdown as they volley for position.

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