Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The morning after a needed road win always feels sweet, even when I have to get up for a 5am meeting. It seemed like almost everything went as planned for the Storm. The only sour spot is LJ repeated her poor shooting in San Antonio with a 25% shooting night going 3-12. That makes me wonder if it is the SA post players, or just the building. Here are LJ's numbers since the Silver Stars moved to San Antonio from Utah.

Away Games
2005 3-12 25% Feenstra/Ely
2005 6-22 27% Feenstra/Daniel
2004 10-15 66% Dydek/Goodson
2003 8-16 50% Dydek/Goodson
2003 5-19 26% Dydek/Goodson

Home Games
2005 9-15 60% Anderson/Daniel (Feenstra off the bench)
2005 8-16 50% Anderson/Thomas (Feenstra off the bench)
2004 8-16 50% Dydek/Goodson
2004 9-15 60% Dydek/Goodson
2003 9-17 52% Dydek/Goodson

Well the only thing I learn is that when Feenstra is starting LJ is struggling. I am not sure if Feenstra was guarding LJ directly or if it is the help, but she seems to be the key. I will write off the one 26% game against Dydek/Goodson as an anomaly since she did 50% or better in the other 5 games against that matchup.

On to the GOOD stuff...

The Storm defense did exactly what I thought it needed to do. Marie Ferdinand went 3-11 and PeeWee was 2-9. Feenstra was a monster going 14 points and 12 rebounds, but six of those points were at the line. She only went 4-8 from the field. San Antonio is like Minnesota in that respect...their posts will score...but if you shut down the guards you will crush them. Teams don't shoot 27.9% from the field on their own...the Storm defense never let them get rhythm or confidence. Only two players from SA hit more than 2 shots for the GAME! Ferdinand had 3 and Feenstra had 4. WOW! That is great defense.

Sue had a solid floor game with 9 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds.

BET-TY! BET-TY! BET-TY! I will be chanting for her tomorrow night when she hits the floor. Wow. What a way to shake off rust and injury. 12 points in 14 minutes with a searing 4-5 shooting from the field. She practically scored as soon as her shoes touched the hardwoods. She will be a big help off the bench or in the starting lineup on Thursday against the viscious Monarch defense.

Izzy and Tanisha were the pleasant surprises of the evening. If Izzy continues to be aggressive when opponents key on LJ and Sue at the start of the game...the Storm will be deadly. Tanisha continues to blossom in her starting role. Ferdinand is a smooth, athletic perimeter player and she was stymied all night. I wish I could have watched it live. Her confidence in her jumper, her passing and her rebounding are proving she is more than a defensive specialist who can drive to the basket. What a great tandem she and Betty will make.

Batgirl gave another solid bench performance, with JB struggling to be effective. I need to see Feenstra play live, our post players were just locked up last night. It is great to see these young bigs come in so strong the past few years. Ohlde, Feenstra and Wauters all have been fantastic. The league has a great future with the balance of strong posts and perimeter players that are joining the game over the past few years.

Next up will be Sacramento tomorrow evening. This is another big one. The Storm don't need it to clinch, but they DO need it to show Sacramento we can take them any time we want. Let's fill the place up!

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