Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Random non-Storm related thought of the day: It is bizarre how the Google AdSense ads above keep slipping in bizarre dating sites. I understand the basketball links based on my content, but I have had to filter out a Christian dating site, a "blacks only" dating site and a senior's dating site so far. I am not quite sure how my previous entries drew those links...didn't know I was writing about older, black christians who were looking to meet new people. Of course, now, with this entry, who knows what I will pick up.

Seattle is due to take on the Silver Stars at 5 PDT today in San Antonio. Statistically this game has "gimme" written all over it. SA has only won 7 games all season (though one of them was in SA against the Storm). They have lost the last 6 in a row. They are eliminated from the playoffs already and have little to motivate them. Seattle can clinch a berth with a win. Beyond the smooth play of Marie Ferdinand, the Silver Stars do not have much of an offensive punch.

Seattle is 1st in the league in offense while the Silver Stars are 11th in the league for defense. The Storm score an average of 72.87 ppg to SA's paltry 63.22. SA allows opponents an average of 70.41 ppg. Seattle has won 16 of the 20 games this season where they have score 70 or more points.

Scores in their head to head this year so far...

5/29 Seattle wins 79 to 51
6/30 SA wins 81 to 69 (that is 18 points above their average)
7/15 Seattle wins 92 to 70

Similar to the loss to the Monarchs...Sue had a rotten game with 8 points, 7 turnovers and only 1 assist. In fact, the Storm let the SA starters eat them alive. Ferdinand and PeeWee penetrated all night feeding the posts and scoring at will. The SA bench only contributed 9 points in 49 combined minutes. The Storm had a rotten shooting night with Tanisha and Suzy the only players shooting better than 40%. Even with a 22 rebound advantage, they couldn't beat the Silver Stars, because they couldn't get the ball in the basket. That is not likely to happen again.

Sue 3-13 23%
Betty 4-10 40%
LJ 6-22 27%
Izzy 3-11 27%
JB 2-7 28%

This was one of those road games where the Storm fell behind and just never got motivated as a team to fight. On the road if they fall behind they have tried to push their offense, rather than digging in their heels and defending while they chip away. At home they do dig in their heels, perhaps it is the Key Arena crowd that reminds them to fight every possession.

The Silver Stars live and die by the play of Marie and PeeWee. Sue and Tanisha need to keep them on the perimeter and keep a hand in their face. It is that simple. Make Ferdinand create...she will, but it will eat away at their offensive efficiency. It really is as simple as that. The Storm will not shoot 33% as a team again. The Storm are a REALLY good offensive team, but they seem to forget, at least on the road, that they live and die by their defense. They give up penetration and lay-ups and they get frustrated, play matador defense and get desperate and sloppy on offense. They get a stop or a defensive rebound and take off running, and they make the other team feel frustrated and sloppy.

I think they need to have Tanisha stay on top of Ferdinand all night and deny her the ball as much as possible. Izzy needs to help Sue on PeeWee and risk her "man" taking open jumpers. The Bigs need to stay WIDE AWAKE (YES, I mean you too, Batgirl!!!!) on defense and help the guards to close out the lane. That will open up SA's bigs, but JB, LJ, Suzy and Simone are all fast enough to switch to the open player when the guard gives up the ball.

I look forward to hearing a whole heck of a lot of "no question about it, David"'s from Elise tonight as DL gets going on how Sue is really getting better of defense this season...we haven't heard that since the All Star break, and Sue need to get back to her early season energy on the defensive end.

1 to clinch!!!!

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