Sunday, June 13, 2010

Late on the numbers

I have run into a conflict with the data from the play by play and the posted individual +/- numbers for the game. I am still trying to track down the issue...we have been spot on all season, so I suspect a mysterious error with the published play by play is at fault.

On another was way cool to see a photo Sue Bird coaching one of my K/1 kids at Stormtracker this week. Actually two of the kids in the photos have been on my teams...but only one was basketball. It really is great how they get out into the community and share a little of what life has given them with these kids who are still exploring what life has to offer them.

I know the kids had a blast and from the photos it looks like Sue and Coach Agler did, too.


Q McCall said...

During the game, we noticed at least one discrepancy in the play-by-play during the it wouldn't be surprising if that was it...

Patrick said...

Looks like the second quarter to me. I have validated the other three quarters.