Saturday, June 19, 2010

Game 11 Storm @ Fever

Darn those first games of East Coast road trips.

Top Performers

NameFloor %eFG %TS %Points+/-
Lauren Jackson57%35%51%17-2
Camille Little54%56%61%12-3
Sue Bird42%63%63%15-11

Where was the bench in this game? Willingham was the only one who came to play.

NameFloor %eFG %TS %Points+/-
Shavonte Zellous63%63%68%60
Tamika Catchings55%56%75%12+1
Katie Douglas55%46%52%15+17

Top Storm Lineups

Bird-Abrosimova-Vesela-Willingham-Jackson: +5
Bird-Wright-Vesela-LittleJackson: +2
Wright-Abrosimova-Cash-Willingham-Jackson: +2

The Storm used 11 unique lineups in this game including one new lineup. There were three lineups that fared particularly poorly.

Bird-Wright-Cash-Willingham-Jackson: -6
Bird-Wright-Cash-Little-Willingham: -5
Bird-Abrosimova-Cash-Willingham-Jackson: -5

Top Fever Lineups

January-Zellous-Douglas-Moore-Davenport: +10
Bevilaqua-Douglas-Catchings-Sutton-Hoffman: +6
January-Douglas-Catchings-Moore-Davenport: +4

The Fever used 12 unique lineups in this game with only four generating a positive value for the team. Two of them stood out as particularly ineffective.

January-Zellous-Catchings-Moore-Davenport: -6
January-Douglas-Catchings-Sutton-Hoffman: -4

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