Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NCAA Senior Watch: Week 11

Taylor LillyOregon#1last week
Courtnay PilypaitisVermont#2 last week
Tasha HarrisBoise StateNR last week
Ashley HoutsGeorgiaNR last week
Jordann PlummerDrake#4 last week

NOTE: An error in my data entry gave Mickel Picco the wrong statistics, hence I have adjusted the ratings for this week.

Kalana GreeneConnecticut#1 last week
Ashley BarlowNotre Dame#2 last week
Alison LaceyIowa State#3 last week
Brittainey RavenTexas#4 last week
Monica WrightVirginia#5 last week

Alysha ClarkMiddle Tennessee#1 last week
Shanara HollinquestKansas#2 last week
Amanda ThompsonOklahomaNR last week
Lacey SimpsonIllinoisNR last week
Nyeshia StevensonOklahoma#5 last week


Kelsey GriffinNebraska#1 last week
Siarre EvansEast Tennessee State#3 last week
Gabriela MargineaDrexel#4 last week
Shanavia DowdellLouisiana TechNR last week
Jenna SmithIllinois#2 last week

Tina CharlesConnecticut#1 last week
Jayne AppelStanford#2 last week
Keke CarrierAuburn#3 last week
Alyssa DeHaanMichigan State#4 last week
Angel RobinsonGeorgia#5 last week


Q McCall said...

I don't believe I've asked, but where does Alexis Gray-Lawson fall in your rankings? What is keeping her out of the top 5?

Patrick said...

Gray-Lawson is currently in my top 10. She has been in the top 5 at least once this season but is on my list for biggest disappointments for the season. She just isn't putting up the same kind of numbers she did prior to her injury. Perhaps, though it is losing her two posts that has brought her numbers down. She is a decent scorer, but her shooting is not great for a two guard. She has been very inconsistent over the course of the season, more of a volume shooter. She is lying in the middle of the pack in most of the remaining categories.