Monday, February 08, 2010

NCAA Senior Watch: Week 10

Taylor Lilly
Oregon#1 last week
Courtnay Pilypaitis
Vermont#2 last week
Quenese Davis
San Diego State#3 last week
Jordann PlummerDrakeNR last week
Andrea RileyOklahoma State#4 last week

Kalana GreeneConnecticut#1 last week
Ashley BarlowNotre Dame#2 last week
Alison LaceyIowa State#3 last week
Brittainey RavenTexas#5 last week
Monica WrightVirginiaNR last week

Alysha ClarkMiddle Tennessee#1 last week
Shanara HollinquestKansas#3 last week
Lindsay SchraderNotre DameNR last week
Danielle McCrayKansas#2 last week
Nyeshia StevensonOklahoma#4 last week


Kelsey GriffinNebraska#1 last week
Jenna SmithIllinois#3 last week
Siarre EvansEast Tennessee State#5 last week
Gabriela MargineaDrexel#4 last week
Ashley SweatKansas StateNR last week

Tina CharlesConnecticut#1 last week
Jayne AppelStanford#2 last week
Keke CarrierAuburn#3 last week
Alyssa DeHaanMichigan State#4 last week
Angel RobinsonGeorgia#5 last week


Q McCall said...

There are people who seem to believe Wright will be a lottery pick...but I see you have her as #5. What are you seeing statistically?

Patrick said...

First of all, I was wrongly tracking Wright at the 3...where she wasn't as strong. She has a much higher usage % than anyone else above her. She shoots well, rebounds very well for a guard, and has the second best BoxScore. Some of the players above her have big questions. Greene is a slasher without much of a shot, and none of other guards are really defenders. Wright appears to be the best of my top five on defense with 84 steals on the season. I think her draft stock is driven by athleticism and other intangibles that don't always show in the statistics.