Sunday, January 24, 2010

NCAA Senior Watch: Week 8

Ashley HoutsGeorgia#4 last week
Quenese DavisSan Diego State#5 last week
Courtnay PilypaitisVermont#3 last week
Jordan PlummerDrake#2 last week
Tasha HarrisBoise StateNR last week

Kalana GreeneConnecticut#1 last week
Ashley BarlowNotre Dame#2 last week
May KotsopoulosVermont#5 last week
Bianca ThomasMississippiNR last week
Brittainey RavenTexas#4 last week

Alysha ClarkMiddle Tennessee#1 last week
Shanara HollinquestChattanooga#2 last week
Nyeshia StevensonOklahomaNR last week
Danielle McCrayKansas#3 last week
Amanda ThompsonOklahoma#4 last week

Kelsey GriffinNebraska#1 last week
Jenna SmithIllinois#2 last week
Siarre EvansEast Tennessee State#3 last week
Gabriela MargineaDrexel#4 last week
Jacinta MonroeFlorida State#5 last week

Tina CharlesConnecticut#1 last week
Jayne AppelStanford#2 last week
Keke CarrierAuburn#3 last week
Alyssa DeHaanMichigan State#4 last week
Angel RobinsonGeorgia#5 last week


Q McCall said...

Two questions:

I've liked what I've seen of Greene -- what are you seeing as statistical strengths?

What happened to Oregon's Lilley?

Patrick said...

Greene is a slasher with a nose for rebounding. She shoots a very high percentage, mostly due to the fact that she barely ever takes a shot from the floor. Almost all of her scoring comes at the basket. She is great retrieving offensive boards. She is not a good shooter, but she has shown that she can recognize a good shot. She is shooting 50% from long range, hitting half of her 14 shots on the season. She ranks higher on the list than she may deserve because of the her team RPI. The question is whether her strengths can transition to the pros or will her weaknesses just be more exposed. Lilley suffered poor shooting, turnovers and three losses last week. Efficiency is most important for my PG formulas...and combined with the RPI drop, she simply went into freefall.