Saturday, January 09, 2010

NCAA Senior Watch: Week 6

Courtnay Pilypaitas (Vermont): NR last week
Taylor Lilly (Oregon): #3 last week
Jordann Plummer (Drake): #5 last week
Ashley Houts (Georgia): #1 last week

Kalana Greene (Connecticut): #1 last week
Ashley Barlow (Notre Dame): #3 last week
May Kotsopoulos (Vermont): NR last week
Alison Lacey (Iowa State): #2 last week
Brittainey Raven (Texas): NR last week

Alysha Clark (Middle Tennessee): #1 last week
Danielle McCray (Kansas): #2 last week
Shanara Holinquest (Chatanooga): #3 last week
Monica Wright (Virginia): NR last week
Amanada Thompson (Oklahoma): NR last week

Kelsey Griffin (Nebraska): #1 last week
Jenna Smith (Illinois): #2 last week
Shanavia Dowdell (Louisiana Tech): NR last week
Gabriella Marginea (Drexel): NR last week
Jacinta Monroe (Florida State): #3 last week

Jayne Appel (Stanford): #2 last week
Tina Charles (Connecticut): #1 last week
Keke Carrier (Auburn): #3 last week
Alyssa DeHaan (Michigan State): #4 last week
Angel Robinson (Georgia): #5 last week


Q McCall said...

Didn't see the two play last week, but curious -- what led to Appel and Charles flip-flopping.

And I still question Lilley's ability to play the point in the WNBA... :) But will re-evaluate when I see her play here in Seattle...

Patrick said...

They have been REALLY close all season. They are the top two teams in RPI with Stanford on top right now. The Cardinal played an inferior Fresno State team and Appel played big while the Huskies played Florida State against another top senior post in Jacinta Monroe and had a mediocre game. Also, for some reason Appel's stop percentage shot up this week...I haven't figured that out yet. The Oliver formula is thick.