Friday, March 28, 2008


Karen Bryant steps in for an "international edition" of Stormcast with interviews of Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson. Sue warns Swin Cash to back off on the UCONN stories because she has all the really good ones. Sue talks about getting to play with Swin again and LJ talks about Sheryl. She is so humble and Karen pushes on her to give Bryan some advice. The site has had a guest writer who has been looking at former Storm players who have moved into the coaching ranks...definitely worth your time.

We are still waiting on the signing of Janell Burse who was cored by the Storm which means she will have a minimum of a one year max contract.

The draft is coming....but there is not much there for the Storm at number 22 in the second round...but anything is possible. Jen Derivjanek is a restricted free agent and has yet to be signed by Phoenix. She has made a solid backup guard for Connecticut and Phoenix over her young career. She is a reasonable choice for the Storm if Phoenix is passing on her.

If Anne Donovan were still coach I would be looking at Connecticut and Tennessee seniors since she has been drawn to players from those two quality programs in the past.

Shannon Bobbitt (5' 2") out of Tennessee will likely be available, but I don't think she is a good fit for the Storm given her size and lack of adequate defensive skills.

Ketia Swanier (5' 7") is a passing guard from Connecticut with good defensive instincts, but she is not much of a shooter. She will likely be available and would be worth a shot.

Sharnee Zoll (5' 7") played point for UVA, played well in the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament and almost carried Virginia into the Sweet 16. She broke Dawn Staley's ACC assist record, but I don't have a feel for her defense though she was named as the best defensive player by her team in her sophmore year. She may be available and might be the best available point guard.

We will have to see what Coach Agler does, however, he remains a mystery to me.

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