Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bittersweet Thoughts

I watched the 2007 season DVD that arrived in my mail from the Storm this week. It was a little jarring to see Coach Donovan, Betty and Izi, it made me realize how fast the recent excitement refocused my passion towards the upcoming season. It was particularly tough to have Izi tell us she looked forward to seeing us this season...we will only get to see her once in Key Arena. I will have to live with seeing Betty and Izi play only twice this year unless I watch some on the video feeds.

July 1st ESPN2 will air the Atlanta Dream hosting the 2007 champion Phoenix Mercury at 4 PM Pacific time.

September 2nd the Storm will play in Atlanta and the Dream will come to Key Arena September 12th.

It was clear the video was made before Bennett announced the 2008 season would be played in Seattle and obviously before the sale as both LJ and Sue express "hope" at seeing their fans this coming season.

For those that were wondering, Wendy made it fairly clear that she was not returning, thanking the fans for her two seasons and all the great memories. It sounded like she was planning to retire...we will have to see if she makes it official.

And kudos to Kevin Pelton for writing and producing the video which took the tug the heart strings approach to the emotional fan base. My only complaint was that the first segment seldom fit on my screen...noticeable mostly because of the text captions.

Sonics fans showed up in force to try to convince the legislature to authorize the $75 million in King County taxes to compliment the $150 million from private investors and the pledged $75 million from the City of Seattle towards the remodel of Key Arena. The city was looking at spending $35 million regardless and the additional $40 million was reasonable to them. The idea is that the private funds be targeted at the basketball part of the arena and the public funds be targetted at the surrounding infrastructure needed for other uses. It is the best public/private plan we have seen and it will be a shame if the legislature pushes it out until next year.

I am just glad that we have our Storm back and don't have to worry about those issues when it comes to them. needs less than $540 to meet their goal of buying 20 season tickets for underprivileged kids this summer. Get over there and fill the final gap!! They have already raised more than $3000. The biggest single donor has put up $600, but you can help out with just $10...the donations are being pooled together. Give whatever you can.

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