Friday, August 24, 2007

Round 1, Game 1

One of the problems with being a fan blogger is that it is virtually impossible to separate my emotions about the game from my thoughts on the game.

As a result, I am simply hitting my head on my desk whenever I try to write about the game.

Since I am convinced that my thoughts about basketball will be utterly useless until tomorrow I will redirect your attentions to others more impartial than I who have put out things worth reading today.

Steve Kelley @ the Seattle Times
I know people who despise Kelley's work. I am not one of them, though I am not quite a fan either. He has written a fantastic piece on Lauren Jackson that made me happy and sad all at once. Happy that LJ is being recognized. Sad that my son may not have the chance to grow up watching his favorite basketball player in the world play live in his hometown at least 17 times each summer. I've always imagined that someday he would be old enough to actually face his hero and tell her what a fan he is of her game. She is the first basketball player whose name he knew and she is such a factor in his rich imagination that she shares superhero status with the likes of Spiderman, Superman, Knuckles and McQueen. (Note that she is the only one of those heroes that does NOT wear red.) He talks about how he wants to say hi to her but that he is too shy. Twice now he has hidden when he got too close to her. When people observe his gregarious nature and say, "My he certainly isn't shy." he instantly replies, "I am shy of LJ." I love the game of basketball and I am thrilled that Lauren Jackson was the person who introduced my son to the game, what better tour guide/role model could you ask for? It will really be a shame if the current stalemate between ownership and the region robs him of the chance to grow up with that same role model. I have had to wipe more than one tear out from under my glasses while writing this, so it is time to move on.

Darren Fessenden @ the Seattle PI
I picked on Darren for mistakes in his first few articles at the start of the season, and noted his improvement part way through. Here I commend him for his choice of topic and quality reporting on Ashley Robinson and her impact on the starting lineup. Good eye, Darren, you have come a long way this season and I am thrilled that you made me feel guilty for my first comments. In some ways talking about LJ, Sue or the links between the two teams is probably the easy way out. You took the hard road and navigated it admirably. For anyone who reads this blog regularly, I have been raving about Ashley in the starting lineup since the beginning of the season. I believe that she is key to the end of season resurgance. Darren agrees as well wins the most innovative playoff story of the week award. Wish I had a trophy to give you...maybe a Sue Bird bobblehead will do?

Jim McGrath @ the Tacoma News Tribune
Jim McGrath calls out David Stern and the NBA for fining a man for telling the truth instead of fining his partner for lying. I am glad that the NBA responded in some way to this idiocy, but Jim is right, it is Bennett who should be slapped, not McClendon.

Now I can get pumped for this game. I will be there, solo since my little one is still on vacation, and I will be loud. I will also be there early because there is not a chance that I will be missing our own BAMFX when she gets her first Defensive Player of the Year award.

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