Friday, August 10, 2007

8-7 Storm vs. Lynx

This game was ripe for a loss. With the starting frontcourt decimated due to the missing Jackson and Burse from the rotation, there was a gaping hole ready to be exploited.

I must say that the complete blowout by one of the league's worst statistical teams was, however, unexpected.

Most Effective Shooters

PlayerFloor %Eff FG%
Iziane Castro Marques68%58%
Doneeka Lewis67%50%
Tanisha Wright58%40%

Best Ratings

PlayerOff RatingIndiv. Rating
Iziane Castro Marques163.97134.97
Doneeka Lewis142.66122.29
Tanisha Wright124.1394.38
Betty Lennox119.5396.93

Best Plus/Minus
Doneeka Lewis: +2
Katie Gearlds: +1

Most Effective Lineups
Bird-Lewis-Gearlds-Ndiaye-Robinson: +5
Bird-Wright-Castro-Ndiaye-Robinson: +4
Bird-Lennox--Lewis-Gearlds-Robinson: +3

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