Thursday, March 29, 2007

Izi is Back

Yes I am back. I am fighting out of a pit of nastiness with regard to basketball. The arena issue and the insipid play of the boy's team here in Seattle has just sapped my energy. Watching Tennessee just plain whup Ole Miss on Tuesday got me hyped back up. The whole team looked good, but Candace Parker was just awesome. I loved her passion when she blocked potential Storm draft selection Armintie Price in the first half. She tracked Price from the moment she crossed half court, you could see it in Parker's body language that she was going to block the shot, then slaps it away at the basket turns and yells, "Are you serious?" It was competitive passion at its best. I know CP3 can score, rebound and dunk, but her handle, passing and defense (steals and blocks) were shocking compared to what I saw last year. I can't imagine how good she can be next season as a senior.

Today closes out speculation on the key parts of the Storm 2007 roster, at least until we start to think about who Coach Donovan will select with the 7th pick of the draft on Wednesday. Betty, LJ and Barb Turner were all locked up, and JB, Sue and Izi have all signed new contracts returning the same starting five for three straight years. Nice job AD.

According to the master of Storm data, Coach D has made it clear she is seeking a guard/wing at the seven spot after selecting Tye'sha Fluker in the dispersal draft after the unfortunate folding of the Charlotte Sting. With Izi and BT playing the three I am banking on a 2 guard pick. The Storm need a more solid option at the 2 spot behind Lennox to handle scoring and defense. Tanisha Wright fell off track last season, and I don't expect her role to remain the same this year. We still don't have a backup for Sue, but apparently we can just play her for 40 minutes until she gets injured and then panic until she gets back. That seems to be AD's strategy since Tully left. Perhaps we will see another veteran European point guard try to fill the Tully void. We still miss you Tully. Check out KP's draft preview.

I will try to be back for good. I am looking forward to the final four this weekend, I want the Vols to go all the way. I just love Pat Summit. I love the way her teams play the game. I haven't watched UNC, LSU or Rutgers this season, so it will all be new to me.

Also, this will be my last Storm season in Seattle, regardless of what happens with the arena. I am moving to Los Angeles in the middle of the season (I will be here for the playoffs and the the second championship victory, don't doubt that!)

Have no fear of me wearing the purple and gold, however. While I will be purchasing season tickets to the Sparks, I will be cheering whoever they are playing against in EVERY game.

All that said, I expect the best season ever from the Storm and a NEW championship jersey to wear to Sparks games next season.

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