Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Governor is a Storm Fan

Governor Christine Gregoire shows her Storm colors in an interview on 950 KJR AM with Dave Mahler. She has two teenage daughters with athletic leanings, and goes to Storm games. She cites a Storm game she attended filled with local youth athletes wearing their school or club colors as hard evidence that Nick Licata is wrong about the cultural impacts professional basketball has on the community. She "loves going to Storm games" though admits to enjoyin the Sonics, she says they are a bit too pricey for her. Hey, I had $12 season ticket seats, half court upper bowl that were great...she must only want to sit courtside.

It is great to hear what a strong supporter she is, however, and she makes me feel even more confident that we have the ability to make something happen here in Washington, though Bellevue sounds stronger every day.

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