Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Buy this book.

Jayda Evans has a book out on the Storm 2004 championship run.


If you have girls in high school or AAU basketball, make sure they get a chance to read it.

The Seattle Public Library has just acquired 8 copies...they are available at the Central Library, West Seattle, North East, Ballard, Greenwod, Columbia and Rainier Beach. You can reserve a copy at your local branch.

Jayda does an excellent job weaving together the story of the game, the league, the team and the people involved. Her narrative style is strong and engaging, though I think the pressure to publish by the start of this season disrupted the last half of the book's flow. I think it is a hint of even better work to come from Ms. Evans who is already one of the strongest journalist's covering the WNBA and certainly the best in Seattle.

I am disappointed to be missing the Sky game tonight. It was the only night to see the first show in the new space for the theatre my wife works at, and she rates higher than the Storm on my charts.

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