Friday, June 23, 2006

6/21 Storm vs. Mercury

I arrived at this game right at tip off. I was solo since my youngest child skipped his nap and decided to fall asleep for the night at 5:30 PM. My oldest son, predictably, when asked if he wanted to join me replied, "No way, Dad." The anthem was ... unusual. Sue and LJ were recognized before the game for their selections to the WNBA 10th Anniversary All-Decade Team. The curse of the pre-game celebration continues. Kamila got a rousing greeting from the crowd, which continued the trend of low mid-week attendance.

The Storm started off well. However, by the end of the first quarter they had given up the game. The Phoenix team that has been beating the best teams in the league in Phoenix showed up in Seattle and earned their first road win of the season. There really isn't much to this team other than Diana and Cappie, but it didn't seem to matter. Betty again started off strong and faded by the end of the game. LJ seemed to struggle at first and the guards seemed reluctant to go to the post despite the success LJ and JB were having when they DID get the ball. By the second half LJ was simply demanding the ball. It was frustrating watching her fight tooth and nail for position, earn it and then watch the ball swing to the other side of the floor. Wendy Palmer was dominant against the Mercury in the previous two outings, but no one stepped into her void. Barbara Turner might have done so, however she had to fill in for Izi who seemed to think she was still on the road. Defensively Izi and Shaun did quite well, but BT was the only person off the bench to contribute ANY offense. Sue played some of her best defense of the year, but here shot was not falling. Phoenix played zone and Seattle wouldn't take the shot. If the player with the ball was open, they would not take a shot and instead waited for the defense to rotate, then tried and failed to penetrate. When Sue was off the floor very little happened offensively. Their defense was adequate, but Diana Taurasi and Cappie Pondexter muscled their way to 20+ points apiece as they do every night.

Someone really needs to remind Pondexter that she IS a rookie, please...

Possessions: 79.23
Off Rtg: 101.64
Off Reb %: 31%

Floor %Eff FG%Ast RatioTov RatioStop%Off RtgNet PointsPts ProdPelton IR+/-

Most Effective Lineups
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Burse: +8
Bird-Wright-Turner-Jackson-Burse: +3
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Johnson-Burse: +3
Lawson-Lennox-Gortman-Jackson-Burse: +3

Least Effective Lineups
Wright-Lennox-Turner-Jackson-Burse: -5
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Johnson: -4
Bird-Castro-Turner-Johnson-Burse: -4

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