Friday, May 14, 2010

Not too bad...

Of my top 20 seniors this year, 9 of them made WNBA opening day rosters...

Kelsey Griffin
Tina Charles
Jayne Appel
Alison Lacey
Gabriela Marginea
Kalana Greene
Amanda Thompson
Monica Wright
Taylor Lilly

Some other top players by position...
Ashley Houts
Andrea Riley

Allison Hightower
Brittainey Raven

Jacinta Monroe

Surprise cuts for me:
Alysha Clark
Jenna Smith

Those are two players I think can play in this league if with the right system.

On Storm news...both Aja Parham and Ashley Walker are WNBA caliber players off the bench. In a 13 player roster they are both in this league and on this team, but they were cut today in favor of the height of Vesela, Bishop and Robinson.

OPENING DAY IS JUST 48 HOURS AWAY!!!!! Be there and be ready for The Brick Project!

Quiet will be mandatory for opposing free throws until the shooter finishes their shooting motion. We will force a league low FT% this season. You WILL be a factor.

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