Friday, March 19, 2010

Hampton's 09 Numbers

Floor %: 43%
efG %: 43%
TS %: 45%
Usage %: 33.76%
WinVAL: 3.20
BoxScores: 2.49
DefReb %: 11%
OffReb %: 4%
Stop %: 16.77
Off Rtg: 77.44
Net Pts: 5.35
Indiv Rtg: 70.44
Adjusted Rtg: 44.45
Team RPI: 0.6310

So in just over half the number of minutes for the season as played by Ashley Walker, Hampton was able to secure 11% of the total available defensive rebounds compared to Walker's 14%. Walker however was an excellent rebounder at both ends, also securing 11% of the available offensive rebounds. They had virtually the same number of rebounds per 40 minutes played based on Hampton's excellent defensive rebounding. Overall Hampton came up from a numbers perspective as a defensive rebounding specialist while Walker was much more well rounded and versatile. At 6'3" Hampton's potential value to the Storm will really be based on how successful she has rehabbed those knees. If she can offer more offense than she did her last year at Cal then her size and defensive rebounding could be quite valuable. If she can't contribute on the offensive end then I suspect A-Rob is the better option.

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