Monday, November 23, 2009

NCAA Senior Rankings

Through the first week of play here are my top performing senior WNBA prospects...this list will change GREATLY as more games are played and RPI starts to have actual meaning.

Andrea Riley Oklahoma State
Tasha Harris Boise State
Kelsey Luna Indiana State
Ashley Houts Georgia
Taylor Lilly Oregon

Alison Hightower LSU
Tyra Grant Penn State
Kalana Greene Connecticut
Deirdre Naughton DePaul
Alexis Rack Mississippi State

Danielle McCray Kansas
Alysha Clark Middle Tennessee
Sade Morris Kansas
Monica Wright Virginia
Shanara Hollinquest Chattanooga

Ashley Sweat Kansas State
Erica Beverly Hartford
Kelsey Griffin Nebraska
Gabriela Marginea Drexel
Pauline Love Southern Miss

Tina Charles Connecticut
Amber Harris Xavier
Jayne Appel Stanford
KeKe Carrier Auburn
Jacinta Monroe Florida State

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