Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cleaning up the Mess

I don't know what Blogger did, but it has taken me weeks to fix all the problems with the blog with disappearing text and shifted margins. Hopefully it will all hold steady for a while.

Final Four begins this afternoon..looking forward to the adventure. I intend to be live on Twitter during most of the two games, but I have been informed that I am kicked off the TV at 8pm Pacific for Amazing Race.

The big questions for me are whether Connecticut can hold up dominance for another game and whether the Paris sisters can do a better job controlling the paint this time around.


Sheila said...

No Amazing Race tonight. The Academy of Country Music Awards are on.

pt said...

I definitely like the new blog format. Easier to read.

Patrick said...

Sheila- I discovered the evil pre-emption only as I left the CT blowout.

pt- thanks, I like it better as well.