Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baylor at Colorado

I taped last weekends Baylor @ Colorado game and was able to watch it yesterday. There are three senior prospects that I am tracking from Baylor:

Jhasmin Player
WNBA Player Comparison: a young Betty Lennox
Player is the best rebounding guard I have watched all season. At 5'10" she is averaging 5.3 rebounds per game which works out to 7 rebounds per 40 minutes of play and 10% of the teams defensive rebounds. That is pretty impressive for a guard. She turns the ball over way too much and seems to have questionable shot selection. She is a scorer though and still has greater than 50% on all three shooting categories that I track due to her fearless nature attacking the basket. She makes my top 50 prospects list but is not even in my top 10 senior shooting guards this season. She scores in my top 20 for Floor Percentage and RPI adjusted individual rating.

Rachel Allison
WNBA Player Comparison: Erin Buescher
Yes, she is blonde but the physical resemblance is not what I am talking about. At 6'1" she is small for a pro power forward, but her tenacious rebounding, touch around the basket and serviceable jumper could earn her a back-up role on someones roster. Like Player, she is in my top 50, but not on my top 10 power forwards for the season. She make my top 15 for Floor Percentage, and my top 20 for Offensive Rebounding % and RPI adjusted WinScore.

Jessica Morrow
WNBA Player Comparison: I don't have one.
She strikes me as too slight for the pros. She is 6'0" but her poor shooting (mid to low 40's in all three categories) and weak rebounding (less than half a percent of the teams rebounds) from the small forward position are not what are needed in the WNBA. At this point she doesn't make my top 25 in any statistical category for the season.

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